Social Humanities

4 different regulatory actions in Malaysian history

On March 18, 2020, Malaysia entered a historic day. In order to combat the COVID-19 disease that is raging around the world, a control measure with Malaysian characteristics was adopted. The daily life of the people was greatly affected. So far, the control operation has entered its 17th day and will not end until April 14. As for the extension or not, the government will reassess it at that time.

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Historical Events
Social workers are not miracle creators, but people-oriented can help improve social problems

All kinds of ethnic groups, genders and beliefs are covered in the society. The rapid pace and high efficiency of modern society will inevitably cause various social problems. The existence of social workers is to help vulnerable groups or marginalized people to cope with difficulties and avoid being abandoned by society. To become a social worker, you cannot only have a passion for helping others. In addition to certain professional knowledge and skills, you must also have patience, listening, accepting differences and diversity, and maintaining positive qualities of learning.

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