Founder of BDL-Bridalist International Make Up Bitter: There are hundreds of people encountered in the service industry, and they can only learn from the hardships as supplements.

Cosmetics are like colored discs. Under Du Xinyi's skillful hand waving and painting, every guest who is painted by her skillfully hand is an ingenious work. "I like beautiful things. Every time I make up for customers, I am happy. Watching them leave with confidence and satisfaction, I feel very fulfilled."

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New business of Malaysian Chinese rich: investment travel, investment e-commerce, investment for young people

K3 Ventures is a young Malaysian investment company, but behind it is the Kwok family, the richest in Malaysia. The investment company is led by Guo Mengxiong, his grandfather is Guo Henian, known as the "Sugar King of Malaysia", 96 years old, worth up to 18.4 billion US dollars.

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