Blockchain Certification Institute

A body registered and accredited by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia. Promote the application of blockchain and its healthy development ecology, establish industry standards for blockchain assets, help ensure the balance of security, openness, privacy and availability, and trust, and help more people obtain professional qualifications and cross-border boundaries Innovation and application of Fintech projects

Our professional course is recognised by University of Malaya


Popularise blockchain education and create a blockchain professional talent industry.


Transfer knowledge and create talent.
The contribution of blockchain education is conducive to promotie the highest standard of innovation and technology.
Blockchain technology helps to create another high level for various industries and even boost up national economies.

College Information

Certificate of Registration

Professional Certificate in Blockchain

CBE Syllabus

  1. Brief introduction of Blockchain.
  2. What role does Blockchain play in real life?
  3. Why is blockchain better than traditional technology?
  4. Benefits of blockchain technology.
  5. The relationship between Bitcoin and blockchain.
  6. Private block chain and public block chain.
  7. Why is it called P2P network?
  8. How are blockchain transactions executed and allocated?
  9. When to use or not to use blockchain technology.
  10. Why blockchain technology is safe
  11. Blockchain applications-Service Industry, supply chain Industry, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Entertainment

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